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Cory Birnberg Fights for the Rights of Deceased Postal Employee’s Widow

Workers’ Compensation attorney, Cory Birnberg, with A Professional Law Corporation, recently attended a hearing for a U.S. postal worker’s widow in a highly controversial case regarding the death of postal worker for a U.S. postal worker’s widow in a highly controversial case regarding the death of postal worker Samuel Macasieb, who died inside the west Oakland processing and distribution center, one of the largest and busiest postal service facilities in California....

Government Grants Benefits to Widow After NBC Report


Birnberg and Associates located in San Francisco, California serving the Port of Oakland and San Francisco provides expert legal representation of longshore and maritime workers, as well as representation of Jones Act Seaman, fisherman, ship repairers, and sailors. With excellent representation and strong academic credentials, including over 20 published maritime cases; Birnberg & Associates is committed to representing its clients in excellence, tenacity to the highest legal representation.

Our law firm has tried maritime cases in Hawaii, Washington, Alaska, Texas, Oregon, Louisiana, Florida, and appeared in most port cities.

Our representation of Longshore maritime workers has provided us the experience to represent private individuals employed in our countries defense in Iraq and Afghanistan and throughout the world, commonly known as defense based act and  non-appropriated fund cases.

We focus in on communication with our clients, strict personal and professional ethic. We focus in on the client's needs, goals and apply a legal analysis to best obtain a positing result to benefit the client. We focus in on integrity and one on one contact while maintaining professional relationships in our local legal community.

The best thing we can provide in our representation of our clients is an understanding of their maritime experience and their injuries. We are the legal lawyer and the counselor at the same time.